indispensable things we had to do without

1.26.2019 - 3.16.2019

Opening Reception Saturday, January 26th from 5-8pm

Featuring Andréanne Michon, Alex Molinari, Santiago Pinyol, and Stephanie Rohlfs

"Among the countless indispensable things we had to do without, the absence of colors -- as you can imagine -- was the least of our problems; even if we had known they existed, we would have considered them an unsuitable luxury. The only drawback was the strain on your eyes when you had to hunt for something or someone, because with everything equally colorless no form could be clearly distinguished from what was behind it or around it. You could barely make out a moving object: a meteor fragment as it rolled, or the serpentine yawning of a seismic chasm, or a lapillus being ejected from a volcano."

-Italo Calvino from Cosmicomics