11/22/2014  -  1/10/2015

Press Release

Bang! is a statement. Bang! is a noise, a sound, an energy, an act of physical intimacy, pleasure, excitement, an exclamation point, a formation, a blow, a bump, a throw, a hairstyle, a crash, a beat, but above all, Bang! is a thrilling situation, a commitment to bring art to a louder level. 

In keeping with the multitude of definitions, Bang! is the combined effort of several curators to encapsulate the energy of the word. Featuring works by Nando Alvarez-Perez, John Ciamillo, Heather Engen, Angela Fox, Malena Lopez-Maggi, Minji Sohn, and Tobias Tovera that seduce, excite, enervate, and expand, the curators invite the viewer to examine their relationship to these artists and to banging.