5/16/2015 - 6/20/2015

Press Release

Bass & Reiner Gallery is proud to present AMEN. Featuring the work of Mexican collective CAMINO (composed of María José Baez and Daniela Michelle Ramirez) and Taravat Talepasand, AMEN brings together a collection of sculptures inspired by the forms of devotional icons. A contemporary look at the production of spiritual art, both CAMINO and Talepasand use repetition, reproduction, and alteration to examine how religious imagery holds its power today.

CAMINO organizes creative projects primarily with artists from Mexico City. They are interested in examining how contemporary Mexican visionaries are influenced by traditional culture. For AMEN they will present NIÑO X CAMINO, where they distributed blank plaster casts of the baby Jesus found in King’s Cakes for alteration and intervention to a diverse range of artists from Mexico. At Bass & Reiner we will present 33, including contributions by Andrés Gamiochipi, Juanjosé Rivas, Vice Magazine Mexico, and many more.  

Taravat Talepasand is a San Francisco based artists whose work explores the limits of acceptable and unacceptable behavior according to the ethics of her Persian heritage. For AMEN, and in dialogue with the jesus statues from CAMINO, Talepasand will present a series of porcelain sculptures, entitled Mullahs Ghost.


By engaging with tradition and cultural spectacle, AMEN is about symbolic taboo, perpetuated by the gap between generations within a new, modern aesthetic movement. Curated by Mariel Bayona with assistance from Cléa Massiani.


So be it.