3rd Wall

10/3/15 - 10/24/15

Canessa Gallery, 708 Montgomery Street, San Francisco CA 94111

Press Release

“When you write or act, think no more of the audience than if it had never existed. Imagine a huge wall across the front of the stage, separating you from the audience, and behave exactly as if the curtain had never risen.” -Denis Diderot

Before there were four walls, there were three. The artist is a master of staging, a scenographer. They are the director, the work is the stage. You are the actor. Or you are the stage. Or you are the artist. Ignore your audience. The audience never existed.

At Canessa Gallery, Bass & Reiner is excited to present the work of painters Micah Wood, Delaney E. Lee, and Royal Jarmon in 3rd Wall. Micah Wood’s sculptures walk a line between performance and conformance. He offers the viewer a possibility to connect their two abstract bodies. Delaney E. Lee’s paintings invite the spectator to enter a scenery. Dramatic and burlesque at the same time, her works encourage a derisive conclusion. Royal Jarmon’s sculptural two-dimensional assemblages and paintings entertain the viewer by presenting a comical and cartoonish abstraction of a human body.

Bass & Reiner is especially proud to be presenting this exhibition at Canessa Gallery, a space that has been in operation for over 45 years, an under-recognized center in San Francisco’s history of art, literature, poetry, and culture.